Impact & Testimonials

The Nonprofit Clinic has delivered over $1 million in pro-bono consulting to 120 nonprofit organizations in our region.

Organizations report that they find the services invaluable in supporting their needs, in staff retention, program impact, internal process, strategic planning, and more.  Over 20 organizations have reapplied to the Clinic after participating, demonstrating the value they place on its services.

“We have used the Nonprofit Clinic at GSPIA on many occasions and have always been impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the students. This year was one of our best experiences ever. The report of the students and their work process far exceeded our usual experience with professional consultants. Their final report was not some “canned” and re-circulated effort. The report was directly on point with Auberle and very specific in its recommendations tailored to us. It was well documented as to both best practices and direct evidence supporting the conclusions. Their process was first rate. One example of that was their work in facilitating internal focus groups. The focus groups were so well done and professionally handled that they sparked several internal disagreements that they moderated to add to the scope of the report and to capture additional internal items for improvement. Their recommendations were adopted by Auberle to change and significantly improve our internal process for both selecting and educating our “up and coming” leaders. Extremely well done and we are delighted by the final product. Years from now their efforts will still be a part of our internal leadership program.”   

John Lydon, CEO, Auberle 

“I honestly could not have been more impressed by the professionalism and dedication that both Sam and Kaleb [student team assigned to this nonprofit] displayed during their time with us. They connected with the staff and were engaged in meetings and events. I say often that one thing is to be bilingual and another is to be bicultural and Kaleb was definitely both. Sam approached everything through a learning lens, and it showed with the connections she made with staff. I could go on and on but just know they are both amazing people and the level of education they are receiving shows through and through. Thank you for the opportunity to receive services from this program, we look forward to working with you in the future.” 

Monica Ruiz, Executive Director, Casa San Jose 


“Alpha House is very pleased with the consulting report received from Luke Miller and Aaron Crawford. The final product and presentation afforded the board and staff a greater glimpse into who we are, why we are, where we are, and where we need to go. Aaron and Luke conducted themselves with great professionalism, far exceeding our expectations. They were patient, present, available, and flexible throughout the entire process. We are very grateful for the outcomes received and believe the report will be a valued resource for years to come.” 

Jordan Coughlen, CEO, Alpha House 

“We were so pleased with the outcome of the consultancy… Katie and Yidan displayed professionalism in all of the ways a client might hope—diligence, flexibility, inventiveness, and tactful presentation. We would have been impressed with the result even before the context of having to pull together ideas, expertise, and recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

I have spent a good deal of time with the report and recommendations over the past week and have come up with a plan for implementing many of the strategies that Katie and Yidan suggested. We appreciate the combination of short-term and longer-term outlook. 

We were all impressed with the Zoom presentation. We were glad to share the results of the report with our Development Committee and then with our full Board on April 28th.  We have let Katie and Yidan both know that we would be happy to provide a professional reference for their strong work on this project. I would also be enthusiastic in recommending the Nonprofit Clinic to peers in the field. 

Thank you again for selecting us to participate and for your help in steering this successful consulting experience for KidsVoice.” 

Garth Graeper, CEO, KidsVoice 

“I was very impressed with the work that Sara and Summer did this semester. They were thoughtful, thorough, and professional. They kept the project organized and were very communicative about the limits of the product they would be provide. Working with them helped me to prioritize the development of an evaluation tool and the final product will be very useful to us. In fact, I have hired Sara as a consultant to administer the evaluation this summer.  Thank you for this great experience. We'd love to work with you again in the future. 

Beth Sondel, Women and Girls Foundation 

“The students were very professional and were receptive to feedback. We fully expect to use their report to help shape our 2 gen strategy moving forward.” 

Susie Puskar, Partner4Work